Q: Converting of the video has stopped or doesn’t start?

A: If you use ad blocker turn it off. It can help. If it seems to you that converting has stopped, perhaps, you have chosen too long video for converting and you need to wait a bit longer while the script is converting it. Try to open our service in an anonymous browser window and start converting one more time. It’s possible that the error is on the YouTube side and that’s because we can’t convert this video. If nothing has helped contact us through the feedback form.

Q: I don’t see the “Download” button, what should I do?

A: Most likely, you are using AdBlock that can cut the download button from the code.

Q: I always get an error as a result of converting, how to fix this?

A: Most likely, video is private, and it’s possible to watch it only after logging in on YouTube. The second reason is the internal error of YouTube. We can’t do anything in this case.

Q: Why I can’t save the file on my iPod or iPhone?

A: Saving files is impossible without Documents by Readdle app. You can download it officially from the App Store. It’s absolutely safe. After installing it, you will be able to save the file on your gadget.

Q: Can I choose the quality of audio for converting?

A: Yes, we give you such an opportunity. Just click the link to the quality you are interested in and download the file.

Q: How much does your service using cost?

A: Our service is absolutely free. We get compensation for ads showing.